School Profile

At Syndal South Primary School we provide educational excellence through vibrant teaching and innovative learning programs in an affirming, secure and stimulating learning environment. We offer a cohesive and sequential program that reflects current research on how students best learn, developing all students' capacity as learners through our commitment to quality teaching, personalised learning, and a differentiated curriculum.

Our curriculum is challenging and relevant and caters for the diverse abilities and needs within our learning community. We aim to develop in our students a love of learning, strong communication skills, the ability to be confident, responsible, creative and critical thinkers and to be socially connected, independent and resilient. We celebrate a history of strong academic achievement. We provide specialist programs in Science, Art, Music, Physical Education, LOTE (Japanese).  

In addition, we provide a diverse range of enrichment opportunities, competitions, and programs to students of high potential and talent. Instrumental tuition is available. Design and technology and digital technologies are integrated purposefully, and continuous improvement of student and teacher learning is embedded in our school culture, demonstrated by learning that is meaningful and rigorous.

Extracurricular opportunities are offered in academic, performing arts, visual arts, and sport. All students are valued, and differences are accepted within an inclusive and supportive school environment; one which promotes self-esteem, collaboration, learner agency, and a strong student voice. Throughout the year, students participate in programs which practise and embed human values and encourage a sense of community and personal responsibility.

The school highly values education as a partnership of students, staff, parents and the local and wider community. Parent participation in classrooms and extra-curricular activities is strongly encouraged and valued.