Parent's Association

The Syndal South Parent’s Association (PA) provides a forum for all parents to be actively involved in social and fundraising events, and encourages the development of a community spirit.


All parents and carers at Syndal South are welcome to attend PA monthly meetups and to assist with events.  Our annual community events have all been very successful in building a stronger community for our children, including:

  • International Food Night
  • Grandparents/Special Persons Morning Tea
  • End of Year Dessert Night

The PA even extends our support/services to enhance student's awareness on:

  • Finance by School Banking
  • Environment by Secondhand Uniform Shop
  • Community by Helping Hands Program

We also arrange fun events for teachers and students to give them special experiences in their learning and growth journey, events such as:

  • Spoil the Staff Day
  • School Disco Night

At Syndal South we encourage all parents and carers to consider joining one of the PA Volunteer Working Groups to support our school and make our children proud.  We believe that we have the ability to make a difference in our community.


There are more than 15 events and programs that are run by parent volunteers (take a look at our Book of Achievements 2019) and we always take pride in our school's great support.  If you would like to support our school, please contact our office or PA President Deane Lam at