Music at Syndal South plays an essential part in our school community. We have a strong music ethos, and we value the important role music can play in a child’s development, which includes developing socialisation and confidence, language and articulation, and to helping develop mathematical thinking! Students have weekly music lessons where they are given musical experiences which help them find and develop their musical self. Critical listening, critiquing, playing, and creating music are all part of each musical experience. Instrumental music lessons are also available (see below or complete the enrolment form here). In Music students explore: 


Songs - from a range of cultures and traditions, including Australian Indigenous culture, popular culture, Americana and blues. Students are encouraged to bring and share songs and music from their own backgrounds.  Also, a focus is important songs from bands that have shaped our current music industry, such as The Beatles. Students are shown techniques of breathing and voice control to sing in-tune and with a good tone. They are encouraged to sing every day.
Rhythm and meter - where students experience rhythmic patterns through body percussion, hand drums, chants and movement. Students enjoy locking into a rhythm and exploring how tempo changes can affect it. Rhythms from Africa are particularly explored.
Instruments - Students play ukuleles, recorders (Years 3 and 4), percussion, tuned percussion and marimbas. In class, students form small groups to write and perform songs, compose soundscapes, and improvise. They also use technology to help write and record their work. 
Music theory - is taught constantly throughout lessons. Students are taught many aspects of theory including formal and informal notation, music reading, rhythmic notation, key signatures and time signatures.
Performance - is an important part of music at Syndal South. Children have opportunities to perform for their peers in class, for their class cohort, for the whole school at assembly and for the community at bi-annual concerts, fete’s and other community events. Each year we have a guest band come in and play for our students.

Instrumental Music Lessons
In addition to Classroom Music, we have a thriving instrumental program where students have the option to learn guitar, piano, violin, cello or ukulele in small groups. We are proud to employ very experienced instrumental teachers who have developed their own teaching programs.  For more information click here to go to the Instrumental Music Program page or here to access the enrolment form.