The Victorian Curriculum in Mathematics is broken up into 3 strands:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

At Syndal South Primary School we want Mathematics to be an area of the curriculum that children enjoy and believe they will experience success in.  We want our students to have a deep understanding of the important mathematical concepts and skills, and to become curious and creative mathematical thinkers.  Teachers and students work together to develop a growth mindset approach to mathematics.


Some examples of these are:

  • Everyone can learn maths to the highest levels
  • Questions are important
  • Mistakes give us opportunities to learn

The four proficiencies of UnderstandingFluencyReasoning and Problem Solving are integrated into maths lessons to ensure students have a deep understanding of the skills and knowledge covered and can apply this to real-life situations.


Differentiation and assessment are key elements of the teacher’s planning.  Ongoing assessment ensures our teachers know where students are at and are catering to their individual point of need.  To support differentiation, teachers develop learning tasks that allow students to work towards their next steps in learning.  Students track their progress and celebrate the growth they make.


Students are given the opportunity to work collaboratively and talk about what they are learning using hands-on materials, explicit instruction, the use of questioning, and open-ended investigations.




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